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Abarth Service Repair Professionals - St. Charles

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Abarth: Where Sporting Passion Meets

Automotive Know-How

Born as a future racing legend, the Abarth line of sporty vehiclesis known for its diminutive size and giant heart.  Founded under the leadership of Carlo Abarth, the iconic racing vehicle experienced explosive popularity throughout Western Europe during the following decades. 

Embellished with the unmistakeable scorpion logo, each Abarth is synonymous with performance, driving pleasure and sporty appeal. 

Abarth Service and Repair That Delivers

You don't have to attempt land speed records like its founder for you to fully enjoy your Abarth. Sporty, sexy and fun, Abarth vehicles offer drivers a driving experience that isn't easily duplicated. 

At Kudos Imports & Performance in St Charles, we offer import auto repair and service for all European automobiles, including the iconic Abarth. Whether your car was manufactured under the Fiat brand, or out on its own, we can help keep your Abarth running in the way it was intended. 

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Why a Scorpion?

Born in mid-November, 1908, Carlo Abarth was said by many to be destined for greatness from the young age of 11. Always looking for his next racing challenge, the future record-setter was born under the sign of the Scorpio and emblazoned each of his innovative vehicles with the same. 

For those passionate about the Abarth brand, the scorpion is representative of the commitment to excellence and passion for automotive innovation that Carlo exuded throughout his entire career.