Abarth vehicles have been racing along European cobblestone streets since the James Bond writers first thought of car chases. They’re so much more than a classic martini (shaken not stirred), though. They’re easily one of the most iconic racing brands and they’re endlessly customizable. The Scorpion isn’t just an unparalleled classic that’s distinguished by 70 years of road experience, it’s also an exclusive club.

We’re not joking, owning a real Abarth doesn’t just give you a reputation for unmatched style, it also earns you a pass into the Scorpionship, a membership program from “real Abarthisti,” that actually offer partner discounts through other companies and a real membership card. The attention to detail Abarth provides to its brand, their vehicles and everything surrounding their company deserves to be treated with equal respect and care they’ve put into every stitch and careful weld. Do right by their work, keep your Scorpion in excellent condition with true maintenance and care.